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Expenditure on Hospitality Policy


1. Policy statement

The Department of Education (the Department) requires all employees to use expenditure of public funds appropriately for hospitality.

2. Policy rules

Employees must:

  • obtain prior approval, where required, for any expenditure on food, beverages and other costs for the purpose of entertainment, working meals, official events or social functions; and
  • not incur any expenditure using Department/school funds on food in contravention of the Expenditure on Hospitality Procedures.

3. Responsibility for Implementation and Compliance

Senior Executive Officers, Directors of Education, Principals, Directors, and Cost Centre Managers are responsible for the implementation of the policy.

Line managers are responsible for compliance monitoring of the policy.

4. Scope

This policy applies to all Department employees.

6. Definitions

The provision of food, beverages and recreational activities by the Department/schools to employees and non-employees.  

9. History of changes

Effective date Last update date Policy version no.
22 August 2007 1.0
Titled Hospitality and Working Meals
3 December 2013 2.0
v1.0 split into policy and procedures documents. New procedures and information added. D13/0344254
3 December 2013 30 January 2014 2.1
Updated contact details. D14/0041911
3 December 2013 21 August 2015 2.2
Updated links D15/0333770
3 December 2013 3 October 2018 2.3
Minor changes to update position titles, related policies and contact information D18/0436808
1 October 2019 3.0
Major review of the policy and procedures. Approved and signed by the Director General on 11 September 2019. D19/0423596
1 October 2019 3.1
Minor changes to policy rules, related documents and punctuation in guidelines. D19/0441492
1 October 2019 13 January 2021 3.2
Minor changes to replace the Regional Executive Director position title with Director of Education D20/0647278.
20 September 201925 25 March 2021 3.3
Minor change to link to Hospitality expenditure application form on Ikon D21/0161208

10. More information

Policy review date

1 October 2022

Policy last updated

25 March 2021