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CEO Instruction: Entry Restrictions No. 1 to an Education Facility COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

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1. Content

1. Context

1.1 The Director General of Education has authority, pursuant to Section 233 of the School Education Act 1999 and the Public Sector Management Act 1994, to issue an instruction to any employee performing a function in the Department (Instruction).

1.2 On 3 December 2021, the Chief Health Officer issued the ‘Education Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions No. 3’ (Directions). A copy of the Directions are available on the WA Government Website,

1.3 The Directions restrict an Education Worker from entering an Education Facility, which includes a School, Boarding Premise, Community Kindergarten or Statewide Services Padbury, unless the Education Worker has been vaccinated in accordance with the Directions. A term used in this Instruction has the same meaning as that term is used in the Directions.

1.4 This Instruction is issued to give effect to the Directions (CEO Instruction Entry Restriction No.1 to an Education Facility). This Instruction applies to employees of the Department that are an Education Worker at an Education Facility (Worker). A Worker is an employee that:

    a. is staff of an Education Facility (on a permanent, temporary or casual/relief basis); or

    b. attends an Education Facility on an ad hoc basis, which means attendance at any Education Facility or Facilities no more than once a week.

1.5 There are individuals who fall within the definition of an Education Worker but who are not an employee of the Department. This Instruction does not apply to those people. The management of non-employee Education Workers entry to an Education Facility will be addressed through a separate CEO Instruction (CEO Instruction Entry Restriction No. 2 to an Education Facility).

   a. The CEO Instruction Entry Restriction No. 2 to an Education Facility will complement the Visitors and Intruders on Public School Premises Policy (Policy). The Policy applies to all persons other than current students and employees of the Department.

2. Instruction to Workers

2.1 A Worker must:

   a. be vaccinated in accordance with Paragraph 3, unless exempt from the Vaccination Requirement;

   b. provide evidence of the vaccination or exemption in accordance with Paragraph 4;

   c. establish a Vaccination Status Record in accordance with Paragraph 5; and

   d. not enter an Education Facility without a Vaccination Status Record.

3. Vaccination Requirement

3.1 A Worker must: 

   a. be partially vaccinated against COVID-19 from 12.01 am on 1 January 2022 (single dose vaccinated); and

   b. be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from 12.01 am on 31 January 2022 (double dose vaccinated).

4. Approved Evidence of Vaccination or Exemption

4.1 In order to plan for the beginning of the 2022 school year, a Worker must provide evidence of their vaccination status before entering an Education Facility in 2022.

4.2 The Chief Health Officer has approved the evidence may take the following forms (Approved Evidence):

   a. documentary confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination(s) or exemption given by the Department of Health;

   b. a COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate or Australian Immunisation Register Immunisation History Statement; or

   c. an international COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the Australian Government.

4.3 The purpose of providing the Approved Evidence is to establish a record of their vaccination status in accordance with Paragraph 5.

5. Record of Vaccination or Exemption

5.1 A Worker must have a proper record of the Approved Evidence of vaccination or exemption recorded in the Human Resource Management Information System (Vaccination Status Record) at least 14 calendar days before a Worker’s 2022 commencement date.

6. No Entry Until Vaccination Status Recorded

6.1 A Worker must not enter an Education Facility unless they have a Vaccination Status Record.

7. Failure to Comply and Fulfil Duties

7.1 A Worker who does not attend an Education Facility to fulfil their duties because they are not partially (single dose) vaccinated, fully (double dose) vaccinated, or do not have a Vaccination Status Record, will be stood down without pay and may be subject to a disciplinary process, which may result in termination of employment.

Lisa Rodgers

Director General