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School Board Development Program

The School Board Development Program is a new and exciting opportunity for principals and board members of Independent Public Schools who want to strengthen the operations, influence and effectiveness of their boards.

This program provides board members with tools, learning and resources to build their capacity across a range of areas, particularly in relation to influencing the directions of their schools.

It has been informed by an independent study commissioned by the Department. Undertaken by Curtin University, the study aimed to better understand where improvements could be made to the functioning, influence and effectiveness of boards in meeting the demands of their role within the scope of existing statutory and policy settings.

Research into Developing Highly Effective School Boards for Independent Public Schools (Curtin University)

The program is offered in both metropolitan and regional locations from Term 4 2016, supported by online resources. Program dates and registration details are available through the Principal.

Details about the program are in the following prospectus:

School Board Development Program - prospectus

How to access online modules: 1 to 5

Access to the modules is facilitated through the principal of each Independent Public School.   These modules are provided as online resources to support the ongoing induction and development of boards.


This is a collaborative program under the Project Agreement to Build Stronger School Leadership and Governance in Independent Public Schools, and is funded by the Australian Government as part of the Australian Government’s Independent Public Schools initiative. 

Media statement - Minister for Education announces School Board Development Program