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Principals’ Fellowship Program 2017-18

This exciting and innovative program is part of our comprehensive school leadership strategy that is currently being developed following extensive consultation with school leaders across the State.

The principals undertaking the 2017-18 program come from a wide range of schools, and have extensive leadership experience in schools as well as other areas of public education. The principals who completed the 2016-17 program are now Principal Fellows.

The program – which involves learning, mentoring and skills development as well as an international element at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in Boston – positions principals to play a major role in leading further change and improvement in their schools as well as across our system

It provides them with the opportunity to:

  • learn from the world’s best educators
  • work alongside innovative leaders and entrepreneurs
  • share educational research and best practice
  • develop a network of international connections
  • advance their leadership skills to benefit their schools
  • contribute to leadership and reform in our system.
Partnering with Harvard University

The program involves a partnership with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It combines powerful learning opportunities with a range of unique leadership roles.

The partnership with Harvard Graduate School of Education is a unique opportunity for Western Australian public school principals to work with educational leaders from across the world. They join an innovative and collaborative community of exceptional faculty, students and alumni dedicated to improving lives and expanding opportunities through the comprehensive study and effective practice of education.

Harvard Graduate School of Education is particularly interested in the Western Australian leadership initiative. It is excited about the alignment of the fellowship with the broader strategy related to school autonomy, leadership development and school improvement.

The fellowship program places Western Australian principals at the forefront of innovation by learning from and networking with some of the world’s finest educational minds.