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Schools meeting the needs and aspirations of their students help to build strong communities in Western Australia.

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In Western Australia, children can start their education in Kindergarten, however compulsory schooling starts the following year in Pre-primary and continues until the end of Year 12.

All children of compulsory school age must be enrolled in school and attend every day - that is the law. This is from the beginning of the year in which a child reaches the age of 5 years 6 months until the end of the year in which the child reaches the age of 17 years 6 months or turns 18, whichever happens first.

You can find out what year children need to start school with our school-age calculator.

Schooling options include:

There are alternatives to full-time schooling. For older students, this usually requires an exemption from schooling or, in the case of the final years of compulsory education, a notice of arrangement.