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Education Central

The new State Government has committed to build Education Central, a purpose built facility to house Western Australia’s academic select school.

Perth Modern School, the site for the State’s current academic select school, will be established as a local intake secondary school easing the pressure on secondary schools in the area.

Perth Academic College (planning name only)  

Western Australia’s academic select school will relocate from the current site at Perth Modern School to a purpose built school within Education Central.

The new school, to open in 2020, will have capacity for 1500 select students.

Perth Modern School intake local school

To ease enrolment pressure on existing secondary schools, Perth Modern School will be re-established as a local intake school.

The school will open in 2020 with Year 7 students and by 2025 will accommodate 1500 Year 7 to 12 students.  

Local intake areas will be amended to take enrolment pressure off Churchlands Senior High School, Shenton College and Mount Lawley Senior High School and take effect when Perth Modern School opens as a local intake school in 2020.

Children enrolled in their local secondary school in 2019 will be able to complete their schooling at that school. Younger siblings of these children will also be able to enrol in the same school as long as the older sibling is enrolled and, once commenced, will be able to complete their secondary school at that school.

The specific details of each of the new local intake areas will be announced later in 2017.

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