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The People's Pick

As part of World Teachers’ Day on Friday 27 October we thank teachers and staff in public schools across Western Australia for their commitment to children’s education.

Joshua Barker, Melville Senior High School mathematics teacher and winner of The People's Pick 2017, with Year 9 student Dean Morris.

Joshua Barker, Melville Senior High School mathematics teacher and winner of The People's Pick 2017, with Year 9 student Dean Morris.

This year, as part of the WA Education Awards 2017, hundreds of parents, students and community members recognised staff by sharing written, video or photo messages of appreciation in The People’s Pick.

Everyone recognised is below. See if there’s someone from your school.

A special congratulations to The People’s Pick winner Joshua Barker from Melville Senior High School. Mr Barker was recognised by student Dean Morris. As the winner, Mr Barker receives a $1000 Modern Teaching Aids voucher for Melville Senior High School.

“I would like for once to be the marker
and nominate my maths teacher, Mr Barker.

He is always so happy to help, patient and attentive.
Mr Barker is super inventive!

When we learn new concepts and need extra support
he creates awesome maths videos on YouTube, making sure we all get better marks on our report.

He uses text books, slides and his hand written notes,
which is a good reason for getting your votes.

We get proper revision sheets before every test.
It makes us better students, definitely above the rest.

He is interesting and makes maths fun.
Please vote for Mr Barker, he is the one!"

- Dean Morris

Everyone acknowledged in The People’s Pick

Leanne Hadley,  Adam Road Primary School

Susan Murphy,  Adam Road Primary School

Carolyn Richards,  Adam Road Primary School

Emma Pedretti,  Albany Senior High School

Ella Rees,  Albany Senior High School

Lisa Criddle,  Allendale Primary School

Justine Bevan,  Amaroo Primary School

Tenielle Greer,  Amaroo Primary School

Bronwyn Kippin,  Amaroo Primary School

Nicole Roney,  Amaroo Primary School

Kerrie Tatt,  Amaroo Primary School

Laura White,  Amaroo Primary School

Shiralee Hamer,  Anne Hamersley Primary School

Angela Zaknich,  Applecross Senior High School

Rachael Hatley,  Armadale Primary School

Paul Baxter,  Ashdale Secondary College

Kathleen Bishop,  Ashdale Secondary College

Amy Roberts,  Ashdale Secondary College

Nola Eldad,  Ashfield Primary School

Sussan Frazer,  Ashfield Primary School

Kym Moffet,  Aubin Grove Primary School

Kimberley Collins,  Aveley Primary School

Stephanie Dugdale,  Aveley Primary School

Emma Garner,  Aveley Primary School

Rachel Keeney,  Aveley Primary School

Ellie Macaulay,  Aveley Primary School

Rachael Rhodes,  Aveley Primary School

Helen Smith,  Aveley Primary School

Hayley Ashwood,  Baldivis Gardens Primary School

Lloyd Doherty,  Baldivis Gardens Primary School

Jayne Ebsworthy,  Baldivis Gardens Primary School

Rochelle Taylor,  Baldivis Gardens Primary School

Susan Bullock,  Baldivis Primary School

Diana Triscari,  Baldivis Primary School

Debra Ballard,  Baldivis Secondary College

Jade Carmody,  Baldivis Secondary College

Simon Entwistle,  Baldivis Secondary College

Johannah Franc,  Baldivis Secondary College

Kimberley Henderson,  Baldivis Secondary College

Scott Johnston,  Baldivis Secondary College

John Matthews,  Baldivis Secondary College

Alison Parolo,  Baldivis Secondary College

James Sammut,  Baldivis Secondary College

Tamarra Sheldon,  Baldivis Secondary College

Melinda Simich,  Baldivis Secondary College

Brad Summers,  Baldivis Secondary College

Keith Svendsen,  Baldivis Secondary College

David Cartwright,  Baler Primary School

Belinda Morris,  Balga Primary School

Alison Wegner,  Banksia Grove Primary School

Gillian Pugh,  Bateman Primary School

Leesa Smith,  Baynton West Primary School

Jane Vanherpen,  Beachlands Primary School

Kristy Woodyard,  Beaumaris Primary School

Stephen Davis,  Beckenham Primary School

Heather Currie,  Belridge Secondary College

Narae Donegan,  Belridge Secondary College

Joan Orr,  Belridge Secondary College

Emma Height,  Bertram Primary School

Karen Johns,  Bertram Primary School

Jennifer Matthews,  Bertram Primary School

David Myers,  Bertram Primary School

Elaina Noack,  Bertram Primary School

Tania Simpson,  Bertram Primary School

Danielle Ware,  Bertram Primary School

Katharine Lorenti,  Bicton Primary School

Donna Shepherdson,  Boulder Primary School

Trent Lockyer,  Bremer Bay Primary School

Helen Poett,  Bremer Bay Primary School

Courtney Grzejszczyk,  Bullsbrook College

Peter Hale,  Bullsbrook College

Trevor Hazelden,  Bullsbrook College

Rosemary Kent-Jones,  Bullsbrook College

Sharna Dallywater,  Bunbury Senior High School

Toni Jones,  Bunbury Senior High School

Natalie Wotherspoon,  Bungaree Primary School

Daniel Way,  Byford Primary School

Christophe Demouche,  Byford Secondary College

John Stojan,  Byford Secondary College

Rebecca Wilkey,  Campbell Primary School

Fiona Grant,  Canning Vale College

Phillippa Berkhout,  Canning Vale Primary School

Raina Laurie,  Capel Primary School

Pamela Dow,  Caralee Community School

Ross Brennan,  Carine Senior High School

Melissa Pudney,  Carine Senior High School

Suzanne Somerville,  Carine Senior High School

Erin Martin,  Carramar Primary School

Tegan Weadley,  Cassia Education Support Ctr

Donna Winter,  Cassia Primary School

Kate Ainsworth,  Castletown Primary School

Rose Felle,  Central Midlands Senior High School

Renee Myles,  Challis Community Primary School

Rebecca Lundy,  Churchlands Senior High School

Erin-Jane Davey,  City Beach Primary School

Suzana Patabendige,  Cloverdale Primary School

Tristan Abbott,  Comet Bay College

David Adams,  Comet Bay College

Ronald Barton,  Comet Bay College

Simon Bell,  Comet Bay College

Lizzie Bezuidenhout,  Comet Bay College

Clare Burton,  Comet Bay College

Phil Casas,  Comet Bay College

Michael Churchman,  Comet Bay College

Kim Coddington,  Comet Bay College

Kerry Cross,  Comet Bay College

Jason D'Argent,  Comet Bay College

Mandeep Dhillon,  Comet Bay College

Neeti Dhir,  Comet Bay College

Claire Gibbard,  Comet Bay College

Benjamin Golightly,  Comet Bay College

Mandy Hall,  Comet Bay College

Lyndon Haskett,  Comet Bay College

James Hayres,  Comet Bay College

Kathy Hodgson,  Comet Bay College

Justin Holt,  Comet Bay College

Sarah Horan,  Comet Bay College

Colleen Joyce,  Comet Bay College

Deirdre King,  Comet Bay College

Ellen Margetts,  Comet Bay College

Tricia Miels,  Comet Bay College

Susannah Nash,  Comet Bay College

Anne Naylor,  Comet Bay College

Rebecca Nicholson,  Comet Bay College

Denis Niven,  Comet Bay College

Rebecca Odger,  Comet Bay College

Stewart Pryer,  Comet Bay College

Frank Slee,  Comet Bay College

Michelle Statham,  Comet Bay College

Monique Stellenberg,  Comet Bay College

Linda Thain,  Comet Bay College

Lisa Thomson,  Comet Bay College

Peter Trott,  Comet Bay College

Aimee Vukman,  Comet Bay College

Theresa Walsh,  Comet Bay College

Louise Warwick,  Comet Bay College

Melissa Webb,  Comet Bay College

Kylie Windle,  Comet Bay College

Tina Bartley,  Connolly Primary School

Rachel Clune,  Connolly Primary School

Ann Newton,  Connolly Primary School

Blake Savage,  Coodanup College

Nicholas Hall,  Coogee Primary School

Olivia Mottram,  Coolbellup Community School

Lucy Mercer,  Cooloongup Primary School

Jancy Whyte,  Coorow Primary School

Amalia Curtin,  Cunderdin District High School

Mary Groves,  Cunderdin District High School

Luke Ioppolo,  Cunderdin District High School

Mathew Kennedy,  Cunderdin District High School

Megan Purslowe,  Cunderdin District High School

Pauline Smart,  Cunderdin District High School

Taryn White,  Cunderdin District High School

Kaylie-Anne King,  Dalmain Primary School

Petrina Bean,  Dalwallinu District High School

Mark Leaning,  Davallia Primary School

Shannen Watts,  Davallia Primary School

Helen Leahy-Norwood,  Denmark Primary School

Gabriella Brogna,  Dianella Heights Primary School

Lauren Brown,  Dianella Heights Primary School

Helen Pell,  Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School

Jane Ganfield,  Dongara District High School

Lesley Arthur,  Dowerin District High School

Sarah Hills,  Duncraig Sec ED Support Centre

Kerry Bardot,  Duncraig Senior High School

Kaylene Beacham,  East Waikiki Primary School

Blair Wernik,  East Waikiki Primary School

Robyn Strickland,  Eaton Community College

Jasmin Smith,  Eddystone Primary School

Kimberley Cunningham-Dunlop,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Nathalie Driver,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Jade Fitzgerald,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Juliana Forbes,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Samuel Fox,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Nicola Jameson,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Sophie Johns,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Vannessa Jones,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Kathryn Khuen-Kryk,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Mary Milbourn,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Clinton Morris,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Elaine Morris,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Anna Paxton,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Jessica Richardson,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Jillian Shaw,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Justine Stevens,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Deborah Webb,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Margaret Wright,  Ellenbrook Secondary College

Amanda Campbell,  Endeavour Primary School

Nadine Chaytor,  Endeavour Primary School

Kerry Nurse,  Endeavour Primary School

Donna Pollock,  Endeavour Primary School

Lucas Plummer,  Exmouth District High School

Shaun Henderson,  Fairview Primary School

Warren Bachman,  Falcon Primary School

Abbid Chaudhry,  Falcon Primary School

Jacqueline Jurewicz,  Falcon Primary School

Paul Georgiades,  Floreat Park Primary School

Kahlia Lewis,  Frankland River Primary School

Jonathon Veitch,  Geographe Primary School

Hannah Bryce,  Gilmore College

Isabella Moore,  Gilmore College

Rohan Smith,  Gilmore College

Kym Morton,  Gingin District High School

Dianne Sandilands,  Gladys Newton School

Danielle Moseley,  Glencoe Primary School

Nadia Spinozzi,  Glencoe Primary School

Amanda Nicholas,  Gnowangerup District High School

Alexis Poczwa,  Goollelal Primary School

Amanda Vicary,  Greenwood Primary School

Siobhan Brescacin,  Guildford Primary School

Carla Hampton,  Guildford Primary School

Bronwyn Paveysmith,  Guildford Primary School

Kristyn Reedman,  Gwynne Park Primary School

Jillian Duncan,  Halidon Primary School

Kylie McLerie,  Hannans Primary School

Racheal Neretlis,  Harrisdale Primary School

Tess Jones,  Hawker Park Primary School

Lindsay Bolton,  Heathridge Primary School

Ashlea Wilkins,  Heathridge Primary School

Eila Tolonen,  High Wycombe Primary School

John Elder,  Hillman Primary School

Natalie Warnock,  Hillman Primary School

Julie Jackson,  Hocking Primary School

Joanne Mitchell,  Hocking Primary School

Carmelina Andrews,  Huntingdale Primary School

Emma Kennedy,  Huntingdale Primary School

Ian Hastings,  Jandakot Primary School

Alexandra Baker,  John Butler Primary College

Pamela Blackie,  John Butler Primary College

Jodi Butterworth,  John Butler Primary College

Gaynor Kirkpatrick,  John Butler Primary College

Lynne Pontikos,  John Butler Primary College

Jennifer Fraser,  John Curtin College of the Arts

Sally Harban,  John Curtin College of the Arts

Debra McNeil,  John Forrest Secondary College

Guy Roberts,  John Forrest Secondary College

Patricia Bradford,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Amanda Flood,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Natasha Hawkins,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Julie Higham,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Sarah James,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Kristin Lucas,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Laura Tolomei,  John Tonkin College Education Support Centre

Rebecca Bright,  John Willcock College

Geoff Clayton,  Joseph Banks Secondary College

Steven Mihaljevich,  Joseph Banks Secondary College

Andrea Brooks,  Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre

Jarna Wright,  Kalamunda Primary Education Support Centre

Hope Tisdell,  Kambalda West District High

Lisa Whitcomb,  Karrinyup Primary School

Brendon Hill,  Kelmscott Senior High School

John Jones,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Nurul Karim,  Kelmscott Senior High School

John McNess,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Astrid Purins,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Gurmit Singh,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Penny Walmsley,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Crystal Wieringa,  Kelmscott Senior High School

Simon Connell,  Kenwick School

May Leitch,  Kingsley Primary School

Zara Borrell,  Kinross Primary School

Kay Kuzich,  Kirup Primary School

Kristy Naskos,  Koorda Primary School

Teagan Wilkins,  Lake Grace District High School

Felicity Young,  Lake Grace District High School

Wendy O'Neill,  Lake Grace District High School

Brooke Triplett,  Landsdale Primary School

Piera Thom,  Leda Primary School

Laura Hall,  Leinster Community School

Sharon Bergman,  Lesmurdie Senior High School

Marie Whild,  Maddington Education Support Centre

Megan Carr,  Malibu School

Gemma Dove,  Malibu School

Anita Eaves,  Malibu School

Victoria Rawlings,  Malibu School

Echele Whittall,  Malibu School

Julie Wrack,  Manjimup Senior High School

Scott Tapper,  Meekatharra District High School

Karl Bodenstedt,  Melville Primary School

Jacinta Zalmstra,  Melville Primary School

Joshua Barker,  Melville Senior High School

Rhian Bilclough,  Melville Senior High School

Randall Brink,  Melville Senior High School

Madison Dimitroff,  Melville Senior High School

Kristy McKay,  Melville Senior High School

Alanna Sherwood,  Melville Senior High School

Lev Vykopal,  Melville Senior High School

Phillip White,  Melville Senior High School

Raylene Ewings,  Middle Swan Primary School

Paula Fitzsimons,  Midvale Primary School

Amanda Kelley,  Moora Primary School

Perri Anderson,  Mosman Park Primary School

Kerry Gow,  Mount Helena Primary School

Maxine Augustson,  Mount Lockyer Primary School

Abigail Jasper,  Mount Lockyer Primary School

Kristine Simpson,  Mount Magnet District High School

Joanna Wynne,  Mount Magnet District High School

Brooke Gardiner,  Mount Pleasant Primary School

Marina Collins,  Mount Tarcoola Primary School

Marnie Clamback,  Nedlands Primary School

Jayhan Gan,  Nedlands Primary School

Chris Cahill,  Neerigen Brook Primary School

Kelly Clark,  Neerigen Brook Primary School

Aimee Waldock,  Neerigen Brook Primary School

Beverley Thornett,  Newborough Primary School

Leonie Hilton,  North Balga Primary School

Grant Kennedy,  North Balga Primary School

Louise Patterson,  North Balga Primary School

Josie Wason,  North Balga Primary School

Andrew Brunt,  North Morley Primary School

Tina Gannon,  North Parmelia Primary School

Kym Jaeger,  North Perth Primary School

Robyn Newman,  North Perth Primary School

Linda Scott,  North Perth Primary School

Nicole Walker,  North Perth Primary School

Andrew Vallance,  Northam Senior High School

Vivienne Sellers,  Northampton District High School

Lara Jasper,  Northcliffe District High School

Larni Bathgate,  Oberthur Primary School

Rachel Hawker,  Ocean Reef Primary School

Joan Catherall,  Ocean Road Primary School

Maria Genovese,  O'Connor Primary School

Lisa Lynn,  Palmyra Primary School

Hannah Brady,  Pegs Creek Primary School

Sally Featherstone,  Pegs Creek Primary School

Rachelle Goff,  Pegs Creek Primary School

Shiona Hobart,  Pegs Creek Primary School

Jamie Morris,  Perth Modern School

Noemi Reynolds,  Perth Modern School

Jacqueline Deshon,  Pinjarra Primary School

Robert Hall,  Pinjarra Primary School

Jackie Heal,  Pinjarra Primary School

Robert Lewin,  Pinjarra Primary School

Clodagh Monck,  Pinjarra Primary School

Lesley Morrison,  Pinjarra Primary School

Peter Sargeant,  Pinjarra Primary School

Christopher Sharp,  Pinjarra Primary School

Paul Want,  Pinjarra Primary School

Julie Gray,  Pinjarra Senior High School

Laura Baines,  Port Hedland Primary School

Danial Swan,  Poseidon Primary School

Rebecca Bentley,  Quinns Beach Primary School

Pauline Moss,  Quinns Beach Primary School

Prue Seawright,  Rivergums Primary School

Michele-Ann Wishart,  Rockingham Beach Education Support Centre

Claire Buchanan,  Rockingham Beach Primary School

Meagan McNab,  Rockingham Beach Primary School

Sally Weeks,  Rockingham Beach Primary School

Tony Andrijich,  Rockingham Senior High School

Grace Chipangura,  Rockingham Senior High School

Emily Glanville,  Rockingham Senior High School

Margaret James,  Rockingham Senior High School

Chastity King,  Rockingham Senior High School

Stan Koios,  Rockingham Senior High School

Fleur Murtagh,  Rockingham Senior High School

Geetha Periakarpan,  Rockingham Senior High School

Emma Rojas,  Rockingham Senior High School

Rosie Rotheram,  Rockingham Senior High School

Renee Gilchrist,  Roleystone Community College

Isaac Kigodi,  Rossmoyne Senior High School

Lisa Klifunis,  Rossmoyne Senior High School

Maria Seara,  Rossmoyne Senior High School

Michelle Hamley,  Rossmoyne-Riverton Community Kindergarten

Carolyn Chataway,  Safety Bay Senior High School

Michel Funghing,  Safety Bay Senior High School

Elizabeth Tidball,  Safety Bay Senior High School

Rhonda Spencer,  Samson Primary School

Sandra Cooke,  Scarborough Primary School

Carlene Lee,  Settlers Primary School

Samantha Johnson,  Singleton Primary School

Carey Bragg,  South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre

Anita Collard,  South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre

Emma Sawyer,  South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre

Jennifer Dickinson,  South Newman Primary School

Gillian Macdonald,  South Newman Primary School

Tasha Donnelly,  South Padbury Primary School

Bridget McCubbin,  South Padbury Primary School

Sharon White,  South Padbury Primary School

Fiona Choo,  South Thornlie Primary School

Jennifer Liedermoy,  South Thornlie Primary School

Jean Carmichael,  Southern Cross District High School

Carole Bulivou,  Southwell Primary School

Craig Murphy,  Spearwood Alternative School

Leanne Grey,  Spencer Park Educ Support Ctr

Annie Johnson,  Subiaco Primary School

Candice Thompson,  Subiaco Primary School

Benjamin Matheson,  Sutherland Dianella Prim School

Leonie Burr,  Swan View Primary School

Nicole Lavender,  Swan View Primary School

Michelle Wenzel,  Swan View Primary School

David Donnelly,  Thornlie Senior High School

Lori Lockyer,  Thornlie Senior High School

Karen Partridge,  Thornlie Senior High School

Janet Cooke,  Tom Price Primary School

Keryn Hastie,  Tuart Forest Primary School

Chanelle Odine,  Tuart Forest Primary School

Gary Crocetta,  Tuart Rise Primary School

Sally Dix,  Vasse Primary School

Graham Mills,  WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin

Tania Vogel,  WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin

Tanya Bailey,  Wandering Primary School

Phillippa Minter,  Wandering Primary School

Susan Ashworth,  Wandina Primary School

Donna McVee,  Wandina Primary School

Amanda Barnes,  Wanneroo Secondary College

Anthony Horn,  West Beechboro Primary School

Gaye Marwood-Bush,  Willandra Primary School

Hamish McLean,  Willetton Senior High School

Katy Moriarty,  Winthrop Primary School

Richard Allen,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Majella Corrigan,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Roma Gill,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Jessica Hodgekiss,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Gayle Martyn,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Meghan McGoldrick,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Amy Nicholls,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Kara Pronyszyn,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Emily Purser,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Karen Reinsma,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Melissa Tew,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Amy Walpole,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Caitlin White,  Woodland Grove Primary School

Christine Morris,  Woodlupine Primary School

Paula Warr,  Woodvale Secondary College

Sarah McMillan,  Yanchep Beach Primary School

Katherine Wright,  Yanchep Beach Primary School

Caris Steel,  Yule Brook College

Lucinda Vanwyk,  Yule Brook College