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Reports produced or commissioned by us as well as reports by others about our programs and/or performance.

  • Perspectives on exemplary school practice

    This paper by our Expert Review Group provides a snapshot of performance of the exemplary schools. The information presented capitalises on the knowledge and skills of those working in these highly effective schools. It has been prepared to share insights about what works in them.

  • High performing primary schools - what do they have in common?

    During April and May 2015, Emeritus Professor Bill Louden investigated and prepared a case study report on the school operations and pedagogical practices in place in nine high performing primary schools as measured by NAPLAN. The intention of the investigation was to inform the Department of Education’s understanding of the conditions required for a school to achieve improved literacy and numeracy outcomes.

  • Professor Richard Teese: School funding mechanism review video

    School funding mechanism review

  • Community attitudes around education reform

    Market research commission by the Department and undertaken by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) to measure the level of awareness, knowledge and support of the community (including parents) of eight changes and initiatives that together make up a major reform of school education in Western Australia.