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09 March 2017

Tree change for city students

An education officer is making it her mission to inspire city students to take up roles in agriculture.

Alysia Kepert, senior curriculum officer at the Department of Education, was selected by the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation as a finalist for the 2017 Western Australian Rural Woman of the Year for her work in developing a project that motivates students to study agriculture as part of their secondary school studies.

Alysia Kepert has received recognition for her work in the field of Agricultural Education.

“It’s a fabulous industry in terms of job prospects for students; they can pretty much walk into jobs if they’ve got the right skills,” Ms Kepert said.

“It’s about letting students know that a career in agriculture offers great prospects for travel, career diversity, earning potential and job security.”

Ms Kepert’s work resonates on a personal level. As a student at a suburban school, she opted to study agricultural science despite having no experience in the industry.

“When I chose to study agricultural science it was seen as a really unusual choice to make, but I’ve gained so much from being involved in this industry and I want to share that with students,” Ms Kepert said.

Ms Kepert received the Institute for Professional Learning’s WA Rising Leaders Scholarship in 2014 and was nominated as a finalist for 2017 Western Australian Rural Woman of the Year. “It’s great to be acknowledged, but I think it’s even better that this brings attention to the work we’re doing,” she said.

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