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27 October 2017

The creative message that made an inventive teacher The People's Pick

After receiving hundreds of messages of thanks and appreciation from parents, students and the community for teachers and staff in public schools, one teacher has been voted The People’s Pick for 2017.

Maths teacher Joshua Barker is from Melville Senior High School.

He was recognised by his Year 9 student Dean Morris who wrote a poem about “super inventive” Mr Barker.

Joshua Barker from Melville Senior High School is a popular maths teacher.

Joshua Barker, from Melville Senior High School is a popular maths teacher.

Clearly Dean’s creative and clever message of appreciation caught the attention of the voting public.

People across Western Australia were asked to share messages of appreciation on the Department of Education’s Facebook page as a prelude to the WA Education Awards 2017 and to celebrate World Teachers’ Day today.

The public then voted for their favourite message to decide on The People’s Pick.

Here’s how Dean describes Mr Barker:

I would like for once to be the marker
and nominate my maths teacher, Mr Barker.

He is always so happy to help, patient and attentive.
Mr Barker is super inventive!

When we learn new concepts and need extra support
he creates awesome maths videos on YouTube, making sure we all get better marks on our report.

He uses text books, slides and his hand written notes,
which is a good reason for getting your votes.

We get proper revision sheets before every test.
It makes us better students, definitely above the rest.

He is interesting and makes maths fun.
Please vote for Mr Barker, he is the one!

Mr Barker won a $1000 Modern Teaching Aids voucher for Melville Senior High School.

Everyone acknowledged in The People’s Pick can be found on our website.

Join us for the WA Education Awards 2017 presentation dinner on Friday 24 November to recognise inspirational teachers, exceptional principals, outstanding support staff and excellent schools. Tickets are on sale until Friday 3 November via our website.

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