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24 November 2017

Surfing into success

Margaret River Senior High School has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Tonight, they are in line for WA Secondary School of the Year as a finalist in the WA Education Awards.

Principal Andrew Host explains why his school is so successful.

On how he wants students and parents to feel

We would like parents to have a sense of community as they walk through our school, to see how our staff, students and parents work together in order to achieve the best educational outcomes. We would also like them to see and appreciate the large array of opportunities that students have at Margaret River Senior High School.

On how students would describe the school

As a school that shows respect, responsibility, resilience, care and high performance.

On the school’s ethos

The purpose of our school is to ensure that the academic, creative, social and personal potential of each student develops to the highest possible level.

We have a program called the Senior School Engagement Program which encapsulates our school ethos. It has been running for the past 10 years and is aimed at providing educational programs and opportunities for students who face challenges in completing their secondary education. The students who join the program are the ones who are at risk. Through the work of the program coordinator Kerry Hastie, we’ve shown these students, their parents and our school community that they are valuable people and we are all the better for this. Our Senior School Engagement Program students are now the first being offered positions for employment, they have goals and dreams of attending university or TAFE and have gained the respect of our community.

On the school’s greatest achievements

The school was the highest ranked rural school for Median Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank last year and also in 2015.

We were the State surfing champion school nationally in 2015 and have held the State champion title for 13 years in a row. No other school has achieved this success in a single sport in Western Australia.

We are also very humbled to be in the position as finalists for WA Secondary School of the Year.

About his staff

We currently have 114 staff members working at the school.

Our longest serving staff member is our laboratory technician, Helina Armener. Mrs Armener has been at the school for 40 years. In her time, she has seen many changes. She is a much loved and respected staff member who now works with the grandchildren of some of the first students she supported.

On the most important part of education

The most important thing for students to get from their education is to be given the opportunity to grow up as happy individuals who are active members of the community that they are a part of.

On student success

We have many students who have been successful at school and beyond in various endeavours. All students have benefitted from our outstanding staff, no matter what level of achievement and success they have enjoyed. In the same way, our staff have also benefitted from the many outstanding individuals that have completed their schooling at Margaret River Senior High School.


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