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Students say “thank ewe” for generous donation

 | 16 March 2017

It didn’t take Western Australian College of Agriculture – Harvey staffer Stephen Adams long to weigh up what to do with a $10,000 prize package he won for correctly guessing a sheep’s weight.

He immediately donated the prize to the college to benefit students.

Priscilla the sheep

Priscilla the sheep

Mr Adams, a sheep technical officer at the college, accurately estimated from a magazine photo that Priscilla – a three-year-old composite breed sheep – tipped the scales at 104kg.

His educated guess was the closest to Priscilla’s actual weight of 102.5kg, placing Mr Adams at the head of the flock as the competition’s winner.

The prize includes several advanced sheep weighing products such as a top-of-the-line computer scale as well as a high quality drafting gate that will aid students in separating, assessing and monitoring sheep flocks safely and efficiently.

Mr Adams said that, by contributing the winnings to the college, it would unlock a world of potential for students and staff, both present and future.

“Our college has about 160 students from Years 10 to 12, and to be able to introduce these new products into our curriculum is just amazing,” he said.

Mr Adams, a former sheep farmer, mentors groups of four to five students, supervising practical exercises and lending his experiences and insight into the day-to-day demands in the field.  

“I couldn’t be more excited about this – it’s absolutely huge!” exclaimed Mr Adams.