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14 March 2017

School turnaround after tough report

The past six months have seen Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School develop a strong vision for the future – with positive staff, high quality learning opportunities and enthusiastic students.

When principal Ian Masarei welcomed the Expert Review Group into his school last year to carry out an intensive review, he could not have predicted the fast and positive turnaround of all aspects of the school.

“The overall feeling of our school has changed – staff, students, the whole community – we are positive,” Mr Masarei said.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School has turned around staff morale, student behaviour and the overall feeling of the school.

“Not only has the feeling of the school improved, we have also seen an amazing change in student behaviour and the commitment of students in classes.”

In a six-month follow up recently, the Expert Review Group checked in to make sure the school had developed a plan to work towards the 12 requirements outlined in its initial report.

The review group initially found that changes were needed to unify staff, strengthen leadership and create a consistent approach to dealing with poor student behaviour.

“I commend staff for their contribution and commitment to putting together a detailed improvement plan for our school,” Mr Masarei said.

“They are working hard to make sure all students are receiving a high quality education with great teaching and learning opportunities.

“I am confident that, with new strategies and plans in place, we are better positioned to cater to the needs of individual students.

“I am optimistic about our future given the changes that we have already noticed.”

Acting Regional Executive Director Milton Butcher said the review group had received positive feedback that staff were feeling confident and enthusiastic about the improvement process.

“It is great to hear that they are committed to working together to ensure a better school for this community,” Mr Butcher said.

The results of the school’s improvement plan will be assessed in two years by the Expert Review Group when the new strategies have been fully implemented.

The Expert Review Group plays an important role in raising and maintaining standards of leadership, education and care in public schools. The Director General orders independent reviews into schools which seem to be underperforming to identify weaknesses and recommend areas of improvement.



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