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20 July 2016

Review sets positive course for Kalgoorlie school

An intensive review of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School has found big changes are needed to unify staff, bolster leadership and create a consistent approach to dealing with poor student behaviour.

Mr Perris said the findings of a report by the Expert Review Group into the school were confronting but he would support the principal and staff to plan the positive changes recommended.

“While the report is blunt in its findings, this is not about blaming individuals – it’s about creating a positive staff culture and school environment where every student has the opportunity to achieve their best," Mr Perris said.

“As Regional Executive Director, I will be keeping a close eye on progress. I have already begun meeting with key groups and representatives in the community.”

Ken Perris
Goldfields Regional Executive Director Ken Perris will support Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School to make positive changes.

He said developing strong leadership in the school would be key to the changes; and addressing student behaviour in a consistent way across the school was also very important.

“Work needs to be done on creating a school that students want to come to every day and where they want to learn,” he said.

“Teachers will do training in Classroom Management Strategies, which gives them practical ways to increase students’ participation in class. This leads to better behaviour and learning for students.

“Staff members will have a consistent way across the school of dealing with students who act up – not different responses from different teachers. Staff members will be confident in knowing exactly what to do, and students will know exactly what to expect if they step out of line.”

Poor behaviour or violent outbursts by any student will be dealt with quickly and there will be strong consequences. Police will be called if necessary.

As well as working with areas within the Department, including the Goldfields Regional Office, the School Psychology Service and the Goldfields Engagement Centre, the school will work with outside agencies including the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, youth justice and non-government agencies.

Principal Ian Masarei said the report provided the impetus to make serious changes to improve the school and everything it had to offer students, to provide them with the best possible education.

“I will take on board the recommendations and with the other school leaders will make a detailed plan to begin the changes; and I am confident we can build from here,” Mr Masarei said.

The Expert Review Group plays an important role in raising and maintaining standards of leadership, education and care in public schools. The Director General orders independent reviews into schools which seem to be underperforming – to identify weaknesses and recommend areas of improvement.

The Group will follow up in six months’ time on Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School’s progress on the improvement strategies, and then again in two years.

“I am confident the school staff will work together during that time to bring about positive changes,” Mr Perris said.

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