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20 December 2017

Record number of public school perfect scorers

What do you do when you realise you’ve achieved 99.95 – the highest score possible – in your Year 12 exams?

Perfect scores: Jacob Nock, Jonathan Darmago and Isabel Longbottom.

Woodvale Secondary College graduate Jacob Nock was at athletics training when he checked his score.   

“I actually gave my phone to my athletics coach to open it and tell me what I got,” says Jacob.

“As she was opening it I got a bit impatient and I took the phone back and had a look. I saw 99.95 and I was just ecstatic! We were both jumping around so that was pretty good.”

Jonathan Darmago from Perth Modern School was in the car with his family when he checked his score.

“My sister told me to check my score and when I saw it I yelled so loudly that my dad said he nearly crashed!” he said.

Isabel Longbottom went straight to bed.

“I checked at around 1.00am because I didn’t know they were up at 5.00pm yesterday,” she said. “So I was really tired and was looking forward to going to bed. I just opened it, looked at it and was like ok I’m going to bed now.”

Director General Sharyn O’Neill said the students should be proud of their efforts.

“This is an incredible achievement by a talented group of students who have excelled after years of studying hard,” Ms O’Neill said.

“Their teachers and parents also deserve recognition for supporting and guiding them through their studies.

“Past students who have achieved the perfect score have gone on to forge exceptional careers and have made significant contributions to society so I’ll watch with interest how the futures of these students progress.”

The talented trio plan to head to university next year. Jacob and Jonathan want to study medicine in Perth while Isabel wants to study philosophy in the eastern states.  

Jumping for joy: Jacob Nock will head to Sydney in March to compete in the national junior athletics championships.

Jacob will also keep busy with athletics. He will travel to Sydney in March to compete in triple jump at the national junior athletics championships and is hoping to qualify for long jump as well.

Jacob, Isabel and Jonathan were featured in today’s West Australian and Jacob was also on 9 News Perth last night.

A list of students in the 99 Club is here. Congratulations to all Year 12s.

Top scorers (99.95)
Isabel Longbottom, Rossmoyne Senior High School
Zhong Xien Yeoh, Perth Modern School
Oliver Pulsford, Perth Modern School
Kenta Yokote, Applecross Senior High School
Yi Si Wong, Perth Modern School
Arun Jha, Perth Modern School
Shintaro Umeki, Perth Modern School
Jacob Nock, Woodvale Secondary College
Jonathan Darmago, Perth Modern School

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