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02 November 2016

Perth Modern student’s win is out of this world

Could a Perth teen take on an Academy Award winning director and beat him at his own game?

Perth Modern School student Radheya Jegatheva has done just that, winning the open category at the Port Shorts Film Festival in Queensland.

One of the leading film festivals in Australia, actor Stephen Curry, executive producer Matt Hearn and Australian Film Industry Awards nominated screenwriter Kier Shorey were on the judging panel.

Commenting on the winning film, Stephen Curry said it beggared belief that a 17-year-old could produce such a polished and high quality film.

In the end, Radheya’s production beat the film Pearl by 2015 Academy Award winning director Patrick Osborne from the Walt Disney Animation Studios in America.

Radheya’s film Journey is set in outer space and based on a story he wrote in 2014 about a pair of lost astronauts who try to find their way back to Earth.

Radheya wrote the screenplay, produced the animation, edited the footage, and composed and played the entire soundtrack for the film.

Busy studying for his Year 12 exams at Perth Modern School, he was unable to attend the award ceremony and was surprised when he received a telephone call from Stephen Curry on the night of the event.

“Stephen asked me if I could hear the announcements over the phone and told me to stay on the line while the winners were announced,” he said.

“It was absolutely incredible to hear the winners’ announcement live and then to hear them call out Journey as the overall winner – I could hardly speak, I didn't know what to say.

“I was so happy to be shortlisted as that meant my film would be shown at the festival in illustrious company. I didn't think for a second I would actually win."

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