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12 May 2017

Kids get candid about their mums for Mother's Day

Schools have celebrated, thanked and honoured all the lovely mothers and carers for Mother's Day. We thought we would join in on the fun and ask some of our students to tell us a little bit about their mums. These honest answers will make you smile!

“She is nice, cuddly, a little bit shouty” - Arli, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

Caelan, Abigail, Harrison and Anjali, Pre-primary students at Dalkeith Primary School with the handbag cards they made for their mums.

“Three words I would use to describe her are caring, loving, birth giver. The best thing about her is that she made my sisters and I” - Kira, Year 4, Tuart Hill Primary School.

“My mum is happy, funny, sad (sometimes she cries when she laughs)” - Emma, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

“There are lots of great things about my mum so it’s hard to pick out the best. She makes me laugh when I’m upset” - Georgia, Year 2, Bungaree Primary School.

“She reads and reads and reads lots of stories. I love stories” - Lola, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

“She’s the kindest person in my family. My baby sister Estelle pulls my hair and my big sister always wants to have foot fights” - Ivy, Pre-primary, Dalkeith Primary School.

“She gives me hugs and squashes me with her big hugs” - Van, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

“The best thing about my mum is that she cleans my room” – Heidi, Kindergarten, Maidens Park Primary School.

Tammin Primary School students painted a portrait of their mothers and treated them to a morning of pampering.

“My mum takes care of me and my pets and she buys me a treat when she can. With my pocket money I am going to buy her perfume” - Jacob, Year 4, Tuart Hill Primary School.

“To thank my mum on Mother’s Day I’m going to give her a rainbow” - Ivy, Pre-primary, Dalkeith Primary School.

“On Mother’s Day I will take my mum to the zoo to see the giraffes” - Wesley, Kindergarten, Maidens Park Primary School.

“I’ve already done something for her. I’ve made her a card. It took me a very long time, I even used glue, ribbons, glitter – everything I could find” - Summer, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

“I’m going to make her bed because she always says that it is such a hard job because it is a really big bed. I don’t know if I will be able to do it but I’m going to try” - Jake, Pre-primary, Karrinyup Primary School.

“I will cut her toast to make a heart shape so she knows I love her. I am going to colour it red with food dye and cut the crusts off” - Jake, Year 1, Bungaree Primary School.

“Do all the jobs, like doing the washing and doing the dishes and do the vacuum cleaner” -Henry, Pre-primary, Dalkeith Primary School.

Jacob from Tuart Hill Primary School and his mum.

"The best thing about my mum is that she's a mum that loves me and does anything to make my family happy" - Kinley, Year 4, Tuart Hill Primary School.



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