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Celebrating achievements of women in schools

 | 07 March 2017

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Western Australian public schools have been recognising this important event.

Portrait of Director General Sharyn O'Neill

Sharyn O'Neill

Director General

We have a large proportion of women working in public education. Many are leading our schools and are at the front of our classrooms, providing the next generation of female leaders with outstanding role models.

I was pleased to hear that students at West Beechboro Primary School have been lining up to join the school’s girls STEM Club. The club allows students to solve real world problems through hands-on experiments, chemistry, food science, biology, robotics and coding – all with the aim of getting girls excited and passionate about STEM from an early age.

I share the school’s views that it is incredibly important for young girls to see themselves as future scientists, engineers and programmers – and that primary school is an opportune time to nurture their interest in STEM.

Our staff will be hearing from Paralympian and Young Australian of the Year State finalist Jessica Salamati who will share her journey when she is guest speaker at our International Women’s Day Breakfast on 8 March.

Jessica was born missing her left forearm, suffered third-degree burns in an accident as a toddler and battled anorexia, bulimia and depression as a teenager. She now works to promote positive body image.

I’m sure teachers and staff attending will be truly inspired by her story.

Throughout the week we are featuring portraits of female students from schools all around the State who share their dreams and aspirations on our social media pages. I encourage you to read their stories and be inspired.