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03 February 2017

Bright future for students in Baldivis

More than 200 excited students of Baldivis Gardens Primary School were greeted by foundation principal Jayne Ebsworthy when the doors opened for the first time this week.

Ms Ebsworthy’s 36 year career in public education has put her in good stead for establishing and leading the new Independent Public School, Baldivis Gardens Primary School.  

“We’ve created a school where the focus is on the whole child,” Ms Ebsworthy explained.

“Parents can be assured of our unrelenting teaching of literacy and numeracy, with our students’ physical, social, emotional and mental health also a priority.”

With students from Kindergarten to Year 6, the new school has expert staff leading specialist programs in music, physical education and STEM (science, technology, maths and engineering).

Baldivis Gardens PS principal, teacher and students

Baldivis Gardens Primary School principal Jayne Ebsworthy with specialist science teacher Kym Raphael and students Aric Chea and Isabel Fortuna

“We’re committed to nurturing students in a safe and supportive environment,” Ms Ebsworthy said.

“Our parents and staff share responsibility for children’s growth and achievement – and in building a thriving school community.”

Baldivis Gardens Primary School joins a well-established network of schools in the Baldivis area.

“The local schools’ network means we can work with and learn from one another – and offer more opportunities to our students,” Ms Ebsworthy said.

“The surrounding six Independent Public Schools are highly regarded and I look forward to our school emulating their great reputation in the community.”

At Baldivis Gardens Primary School, the name sets the scene.

Surrounded by forest and lakes, Ms Ebsworthy emphasised the importance of students exploring the rich history of the area.

“We’re all so excited about all the possibilities the future holds,” she said.

“We’re looking forward to researching the people who lived and worked on this land when it was a flower and market garden and to harness their strong work ethic.”

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