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20 February 2017

Bright careers to stem from education

There’s no denying that STEM subjects are more popular than ever right now. With international research showing 75% of all new jobs will require skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, it’s easy to see why.

Cecil Andrews College principal Stella Jinman said teachers at the school were embracing the challenge of preparing students for the modern world.

STEM centre

Principal Stella Jinman with staff and students inside the centre.

“Our teachers are delivering STEM subjects in an interesting and dynamic way to make sure all students – no matter their gender or age – are enthusiastic about them,” Ms Jinman said.

“We know many careers of the future will revolve around STEM subjects, or require skills that students develop by studying these subjects.”

Helping to make lessons exciting is the college’s specially designed STEM centre which opened this year.

The centre includes a lecture theatre which will be used by guest speakers and a designated engineering workshop where students will complete certificates II and III in engineering.

A science laboratory with the latest technology includes a video camera and widescreen television so students have a clear view of experiments.

Students using touchscreen computers, laser cutters, remotely programmed robots and 3D printers are common sights inside the centre.

“The purpose of STEM is to teach students 21st century skills – creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, teamwork and communication,” Ms Jinman said.

“We must prepare them for a future we don’t understand in detail yet. What we can be certain of is that STEM subjects will shape the world our students will know and the jobs they will have.

“Those who have the skills to understand and excel in STEM related industries will be far better placed to succeed.

“Some of our students will be scientists, engineers and mathematicians – but many more will be using their STEM related skills to lead the way through rapidly changing times.”