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15 August 2017

Balance key to parent-teacher connections: Department

A common-sense approach is needed for electronic communication between parents and their children’s teachers, the Department of Education said today.

Executive Director Workforce Damien Stewart said modern technology allowed professionals across the Department to work flexibly where possible to suit their needs, and this included providing staff with email access outside of traditional working hours.

Stock photograph of hand holding ipad in a classroom.

Switched on: Professionals in many industries are grappling with the best way to maintain work-life balance.

“Of course everyone needs to be sensible about this – I’m sure most parents would not expect an immediate response from their child’s teacher if they send them a message during the night,” Mr Stewart said.

“We certainly don’t expect our teachers to be glued to their devices twenty-four-seven answering messages – work-life balance is important.”

The matter was raised publicly by the State School Teachers’ Union of Western Australia (SSTUWA) yesterday.

The Department of Education is yet to receive the SSTUWA’s log of claims, as part of negotiations towards a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) for public school teachers.

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