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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

09 December 2017

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Students from Geraldton Residential College took full advantage of the beauty of nature for a weekend away.

Conditions at Ellendale Pool, 45 minutes south of Geraldton, were perfect with the striking scenery of tall, tall gum trees, deep waterhole and gorge. It's just one of the many camping spots that are accessible from Geraldton. 

Students found themselves swimming, canoeing and bushwalking with the laughter of building friendships and working together around camp to create the bonds of a community.

According to Senior Supervisor and Camp Co-ordinator Cameron Sutherland, getting out of the College and the everyday routine is important at this time of year.

“It might be a bit of extra effort for everyone but what we all get out of it is massive. Independence and few life skills, along with big smiles and high spirits as we near the end of the year, are all big part of it.

"Experiencing these camps means that you’ve make new memories and have experiences to share the next time you are in touch with those you love," said Cameron.