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15 December 2017

As the new year approaches, parents with children who will board for the first time in 2018 are wondering how they can support their child from afar.

Parents of current students have some suggestions on how you can stay connected and involved:

  • Always make time to take your child’s calls. Let your child know this, so they know that you will be there for them. Please note after 8.00pm students need to have their phones off.
  • Make sure that your child talks to you at least once a day, even for 5 minutes…NOT TEXT. Skyping, face time or hearing your child’s voice will let you know how they are going and if there maybe something they want to talk to you about. You can’t hear this in a text!
  • Have your child come home in the first year as much as possible. This allows them to have “Time Out” from constant social interaction of peers/students and staff at the College and allows for some home grounding if needed. Children at this age are impressionable. Looking after your child’s wellbeing is important.
  • Attend as many College functions as possible to meet other parents, put faces to names of staff and students.
  • Get onto Connect at the High School. This is a great portal of your child’s day and achievements. It also allows you to show your child that you are taking an interest in their education.
  • Let the school know if you want the College to see their reports or bring their report in if you have any school concerns. Get the school top email all documents to YOU.
  • Ask about sporting activities and encourage your child to join sporting groups. It’s a great way to meet other kids and learn new skills and another item to interact with your child about.
  • Don’t forget that the LINC (Local Input Networking Communications) Committee Parent Representatives are there to talk to as well.
  • Have an action plan in place with your child. Go through scenarios with your child and ask what they would do? Work through it with them. If something is wrong or they need help, have a list of people to contact, put it in their phone to have on hand. Reinforce that these people or organisations are available to them whenever they need.
  • Be prepared that your child may ring you “with the world on their shoulders” and seem really down/negative at times but actually their OK. This will happen as you’re their outlet and really they just want to vent– so don’t take it to heart. If you have concerns about your child RING the Residential College! Staff carry the office phone with them and if they are busy they will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Encourage your child to put some photos of family and pets up on pin up boards/desks, plus some mementos from home (special pillow/blankets/ornaments) etc.
  • Remember we parent from a distance. Although we hand over the care of our children to others, WE are still the parents and should continue parenting!