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Swimming instructor resources

Information and guides to assist you in your role of swimming instructor or water safety officer

Swimming continuums

Pool or calm water continuum

Swimming and Water Safety Continuum (Stages 1-9)
Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) personal survival (Stages 10 to 12)
Rescue Awards (stages 13 to 16)

Beach or surf centre continuum

Swimming and Surf Safety Continuum (Stages 1-9)
Higher awards (Stages 10 to 15)

The skill progression in the ‘surf’ differs slightly to ‘calm water’ because of the variable conditions children and instructors encounter in this environment.

Higher stages at beach or surf centres include advanced surf awareness and are similar to that offered at surf clubs. Specific information regarding the higher awards can be gained by contacting VacSwim.

Swimming instructor handbooks

Swimming Instructor Handbook and Guidelines