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Assessment and reporting

When your child begins Pre-primary, the teacher will assess their knowledge and skills to inform the learning program.

In addition, every three years, children in Pre-primary take part in the Australian Early Development Census.

On-entry assessment for literacy and numeracy

When children start Pre-primary, the teacher will assess their skills in language, reading, writing, counting and numbers.

This helps teachers plan lessons and tailor learning for each child to extend children who perform well and support those who may need more assistance in some learning areas. Some children who do not initially perform well are perfectly capable and quickly progress when provided with the right support.

As children progress, their needs may change. Teachers continually monitor their progress to ensure they are succeeding.

To find out more about the on-entry assessment, parents should talk with their child’s teacher.

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

The AEDC is an Australian-wide census that gathers information about young children's development. It provides a snapshot of children's progress at national, state/territory and community levels in five key areas of development:

  • physical health and wellbeing
  • social competence
  • emotional maturity
  • language and cognitive skills
  • communication skills and general knowledge.

The census happens every three years with the next one due to be completed between May and July 2018.

Information is collected on children in Pre-primary. Your child is not required to sit a test or be present while the AEDC is completed - their teacher will complete it.

You can discover more about the AEDC by reading: