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The start of compulsory schooling

Pre-primary is the first compulsory year of schooling in Western Australia building on the exciting things children learn in Kindergarten and with you at home.

Your child must be enrolled and attend school every day. You can find out when your child can start Pre-primary with our school age calculator.

In Pre-primary the program will build on the pre literacy, pre numeracy and social skills learned in Kindergarten.

Every child from Pre-primary to Year 12 is guaranteed a place at their local public school.

Attending school every day is important

Western Australian law stipulates that all school-aged children must go to and attend school every day.

Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important so your child does not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning. Did you know:

  • missing half a day of school each week equates to one month of missed learning per year
  • the attendance habits set by your child when they first start school continue throughout their school life
  • if your child misses half a day of school each week between Pre-primary and Year 10, they would miss almost one full year of learning
  • learning is cumulative – if your child misses a day, it is harder for them to catch up.

You can help by arriving and collecting your child on time; making sure they get nutritious meals and enough sleep; making appointments with doctors, dentists and specialists, and making holiday plans during school holidays and not during the school term.

If your child is unwell and unable to go to school, let the school know straight away. If they miss a day it is important you talk with their teacher to find out how you can help them catch up.