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Getting involved in children's learning

It is important for you to continue to be involved in your child’s learning once school starts.

Ways you can continue to be involved in your child’s learning: 

  • Get to know your child’s teacher and attend parent information sessions.
  • Spend a little extra time in the classroom in the morning and participate in some of the activities.
  • Introduce yourself to other parents and become part of the school community.
  • Organise play dates to help your child socialise with other children in their class.
  • Talk with your child about their day when they get home – this shows your child how important school is.
  • Attend assemblies, sports days and open days.
  • Donate materials that would be useful.

If you have some additional time to spare and want to be more involved, talk with the principal or your child’s teacher and see if you can:

  • volunteer and help out with a class once a term
  • be added to the laundry roster
  • coordinate a night out for families in your child’s class
  • bring in and talk about a special cultural item
  • join the Parents and Citizens’ Association, school board or help out at the canteen.

School principals, teachers and support staff are unique in the way they communicate with parents. Some may put important information into your children’s school bag – so remember to check daily for notes. Others may communicate online through school apps or email. To find out how they communicate with you, contact the school.

However you choose to be involved, it is important to always have open and honest communications with your child’s teacher and other school staff.

Ideas to learn at home

There are many fun and exciting activities that stimulate your child's curiosity and encourage their love of learning.

Here are resources full of activities you and your child can do together every day – and they can easily fit in your daily routine whether you are at home or out and about.

Places like Scitech, the WA MuseumPerth Zoo and Kings Park run fun educational programs and events throughout the year and are great family outing options. Local councils and shires also run recreation centres that have a range of programs and activities for children of all ages throughout the year.

Talking with your school

If you have an enquiry or wish to raise a concern with the school please speak with your child’s teacher first.

If the matter is not resolved, make an appointment to speak with the principal.

You will find more information about how to raise concerns with the school, and who to raise them with, in the Talking with my school flyer.