Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia Annual Report 2017–18

Engagement with stakeholders

Engagement with stakeholders

The Board continued to inform teachers and employers about their obligations by providing clear, consistent and timely information. This included educating the public about its role to ensure trust in the Board.

The Board’s website was the key information resource for prospective and registered teachers, employers, universities and the general public. It included a facility through which registered teachers could view and manage various aspects of their registration.

In 2017–18, the website was accessed 248 187 times by 135 883 users, including 611 664 page views – an 11.6% decrease in web traffic from 2016–17. This decrease was likely to be a return to ‘normal’ levels as the higher volume in the previous year corresponded to the cyclical spike in registration renewals.

Teacher Register Information (Professional) (TRIP), an online management tool for employers, was available for use by all schools. TRIP provided principals and employers with up-to-date information on the registration status of current and prospective teachers to assist them to meet their obligations under the Teacher Registration Act 2012.

The Board delivered presentations at teacher and principal network meetings and provided professional development workshops about the Teacher Registration Act 2012, registration requirements and how teachers can maintain their registration. This included two workshops specifically for new, early career and returning teachers; as well as a careers fair and a seminar through LawSense. The Board also delivered 12 presentations across the five WA universities to final year teacher education students on how to become registered.

The Board’s Service Charter continued to provide a framework for customer service delivery standards. In 2017–18, the customer service team received a daily average of 93 telephone calls and approximately 66 emails. Staff assisted with more than 5040 in-person enquiries, an average of 20 visitors a day. These enquiries predominantly related to applications for teacher registration.

The Board continued to be accountable by recording and assessing stakeholder feedback to identify ways through continuous improvement processes to better meet the needs of the community. Complaints and feedback during 2017–18 generally related to the legislative requirements underpinning teacher registration and service provision, including technical issues associated with accessing online forms and online payments during peak periods.


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