Western suburbs local‑intake areas

Western suburbs local‑intake areas

Local-intake areas for four schools were amended to create a local-intake area for the new Bob Hawke College.

The local intake area for Bob Hawke College was published in the Western Australian Government Gazette on 27 June 2017, along with amended local intake areas for:

The new local intake areas will take effect from the 2020 school year.

Enrolment entitlement

Families with children who, as at 27 June 2017:

  • reside at an address within a secondary school local intake area that is subject to change; and
  • still reside at that address in or after 2020

will maintain the enrolment entitlement they had as at 27 June 2017, and will be eligible to take up their new entitlement, which may include entitlement to attend Bob Hawke College.

Change of address

Families who move to a new address after the gazettal date of 27 June 2017 will be subject to the new local intake areas that came into effect upon the opening of Bob Hawke College in 2020.

For families with a child already attending a secondary school and a sibling commencing secondary school in or after 2020, the younger sibling will not have the same enrolment entitlement as their older sibling and will be subject to the new local intake areas.

These families can still apply to enrol their younger sibling at a school where their older sibling attends, however their application will be considered in line with the priority order outlined in the Enrolment policy.

All families retain the right to apply to enrol their children at any public school. Applications received from outside the local intake area will continue to be considered by the school based on the priority order outlined in the Enrolment policy.

Local intake area maps

Local intake area maps