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Teaching rural and remote

The Department is committed to ensuring that all students in Western Australia have access to a high quality education and teachers.

Teaching in the rural or remote community offers great opportunities for both experienced and graduate teachers. It can provide a very rewarding lifestyle particularly if you choose to become involved in the wider local community. You not only make positive contributions to the lives of young people but also have the opportunity to develop your professional skills.

Many teachers say their careers have progressed much faster as a result of working in a rural or remote school. You have opportunities for promotion and leadership roles, as well as financial incentives.

There are more than 300 rural, regional or remote public schools and throughout Western Australia. These are schools more than 35 kilometres outside the Perth metropolitan area. Cities such as Albany, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie have a number of primary and secondary schools each, while smaller towns like York, Kununurra and Kalbarri each have a district high school for students.

Remote public schools can also be found in more isolated areas and are categorised as ‘remote’. These schools are located in isolated communities with predominantly Aboriginal populations. There are more than 40 remote schools covered by the Remote Teaching Service.   

Teachers who have taken up the opportunity to work and live in a country area say it is a fantastic experience and that they’ve gained a new lifestyle, new friends and experience new interesting surroundings.

The Country Practicum Program offers eligible student teachers and psychologists, living in Western Australia (WA), a financially supported practicum for travel and living expenses while working in our rural and remote schools. Teachers seeking an opportunity to work in and contribute to a variety of rural and remote communities for short periods of time may consider applying to join the Teacher Flying Squad.

Teaching, support and leadership positions in rural, regional or remote schools are advertised through Jobs WA.