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Registering a new non-government school

There are two key steps to registerĀ a new non-government school.

Step 1: Seek advance determination

Before a new non-government school can apply to become registered, a proposal must be submitted and advance determination granted by the Minister for Education and Training.

An application for advance determination must be made at least 18 months before it is intended to implement the school planning proposal.

Changes in effect as of 2 February 2015

The School Education Amendment Act 2014 and the School Education Amendment Regulations 2015 commenced on 2 February 2015. The processes for proposing a new non-government school changed as a result.

Application form

This form is compulsory for those proposing to establish a new non-government school. Section 157A of the School Education Act 1999 requires, in most instances, that this form is to be submitted at least 18 months prior to intended implementation.

Step 2: Apply to register a new non-government school

After advance determination has been granted by the Minister for Education and Training an application to register a non-government school can be made.

1. Time considerations

On receipt of advance determination approval from the Minister for Education and Training, the governing body has a specified time in which registration is to be sought.

Under section 158 of the School Education Act 1999, an application for registration is to be made at least six months before the day from which registration is sought.

2. Compliance

Applications for registration of new non-government schools are considered by the Director General of the Department of Education. It is expected that the governing body is able to demonstrate compliance with:

An application for registration can be obtained by calling Education Regulation on 9441 1942.