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WA Primary Principal of the Year

This award recognises the exciting and significant role of principals in primary schools.

As mentors and motivators, they create partnerships and work with their communities. They secure the best possible learning outcomes for their young students.


The WA Primary Principal of the Year receives $25 000 (50% for professional development and 50% cash) and three finalists each receive $2500. See terms and conditions for more information.

  • A nominee may be nominated in only one staff award category in any year.
  • The nominee must be practising in the role they are being nominated for at the time of nomination. Principals currently undertaking leadership roles in central and regional offices and who have the reasonable belief they will return to their schools during 2019 or 2020, are also eligible.
  • All professionally qualified principals who currently hold substantive positions and are teaching in a Western Australian public primary school (includes early childhood and special needs education) are eligible. People acting in a principal position for a continuous period greater than 12 months, at the time of nominating, pending its ongoing filling, are also eligible.
  • Previous winners (not finalists) of a WA Principal or Leader of the Year award will not be considered for a 2019 award.
  • Self-nomination in staff award categories will not be accepted.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.
  • Joint nominations for staff operating on a tandem, team or job share basis will not be accepted.
  • Principals at middle schools and district high schools can be nominated in either primary or secondary. This may be based on whether the majority of students are in Year 7 upwards or Year 6 and below.

Please submit four high resolution images of the person or school being nomninated. Include a mix of portrait and action shots for individual awards. Ensure images for whole school awards include students and staff, not empty grounds, buildings or classrooms. See these example photos for more help.

Nominations open Monday 1 April and close 5.00pm Friday 31 May. Finalists will be announced Tuesday 23 July.