Overseas and interstate applicants

Overseas and interstate applicants

Overseas and interstate families who plan to return or relocate to WA can apply to a Gifted and Talented program for their child.

Your child will be required to meet specific criteria throughout application process to be eligible for Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance program.

To eligible your child must either be:

  • an Australian or New Zealand Citizen
  • a permanent residence visa holder
  • a temporary visa holder with a local enrolment entitlement classification in the Enrolment of Students From Overseas Schedule
  • in the process of obtaining any of the above with the reasonable expectation it will be approved prior to the school enrolment deadline for 2023.

Information for parents about eligibility for enrolment in public schools is detailed in the Department of Education’s Enrolment in Public Schools Policy.

If your child is offered a place in a Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs, you will need to provide evidence that they meet residency criteria in order to complete enrolment at the school.

A student enrolled as a Secondary Exchange Student is not eligible to apply or enrol in Gifted and Talented programs.

An offer or enrolment will be terminated if a place is offered or an enrolment is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

In partnership with Australian Council for Educational Research we can arrange for testing you child outside of Western Australia.

You will be required to show evidence of their child’s enrolment in a non-WA school in a year group equivalent to the current testing intake (i.e. Year 5 in 2021 for entry into Year 7 in 2023).

Where an equivalent intake cannot be established or overseas or interstate school enrolment is not verified, the Department reserves the right to go by the child’s date of birth or to offer local testing in WA only.

Once an overseas or interstate applicant has been approved for testing, you will be contacted by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to arrange testing.

You will be required to source the services of an appropriate third party invigilator who will administer the testing at an approved location.

An invigilator:

  • Must have a relevant qualification.
  • Not be affiliated with the student or their family.
  • May be required to show evidence of employment that has no ties to tutoring companies or any other service that might present as a conflict of interest.

Invigilators will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.

You will be required to meet all costs associated with the testing from the nominated invigilator and ACER.

Costs may include, but are not limited to, courier charges, handling and secure storage. You will be able to request a cost estimate from ACER.

You will need to pay for the service in full regardless of whether your child is successful. Department of Education reserves the right to withhold results until payment is received.

If your child's application is successful and wishes to accept an offer of placement, you will need verify your child’s eligibility.

Your child will need to meet the following essential enrolment criteria:

  1. Details of primary carer.
    The primary carer must be a parent or blood relative over the age of 21 living in WA. They will need to provide accommodation and welfare for the child for the duration of the secondary schooling.
  2. Proof of WA residential address connected to the primary carer.
    Enrolment in Gifted and Talented programs requires a child and their primary parent or carer’s usual place of residence to be in WA. Successful overseas or interstate applicants need to provide evidence of a WA home address connected to the child’s existing primary parent or carer.
  3. Enrolment in Gifted and Talented Secondary programs requires that the applicant:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, or
  • have a Visa that qualifies them for non-fee paying local enrolment entitlement.

Note: Residential Colleges or boarding houses cannot be used for a verified WA home address and/or primary parent or carer.

Inability to meet one or more of the above criteria will result in an offer of placement being withdrawn. Once the criteria is met and approved the Department of Education WA you can enrol your child at the school.

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