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Our strategic directions

Our purpose is clear: a system of public schools in which every school is a good school, every teacher is effective and every student is successful.

Our Classroom First philosophy puts students at the centre of everything we do. We know that what happens in a classroom has the greatest in-school influence on student learning and achievement.

Putting this philosophy into practice and into practical support is a series of strategic and action-oriented plans guiding our priorities for student learning and school improvement; our introduction of new programs and initiatives; and our commitment to support and service schools to ensure success.

By focusing on the priorities and aspirations in these plans, we will make a real difference to our students and to the communities we serve across Western Australia.

A graphic representation of our reform agenda – stemming from the commitment in Classroom First to place student success at the centre of all our endeavours.

High Performance - High Care: Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016–2019

The plan builds on Classroom First and prioritises our work over the next four years that we believe will make a real difference to the lives of students.

The four priority areas are:

  • success for all students
  • high quality teaching
  • effective leadership
  • strong governance and support.
Focus 2019: Directions for schools 

Focus 2019 sets out the priorities for schools and maintains the momentum and progress we have already made in the four priorities in our strategic plan, High Performance – High Care: success for all students; high quality teaching; effective leadership; strong governance and support.

Strategic Outline 2018

This strategic outline articulates our commitment to six objectives. It details the different approaches we adopt to achieve these objectives as the deliverer of public school education and as a regulator and funder for Independent and Catholic schools.

Western Australian Public School Leadership Strategy 2018-2021

This strategy sets out the rationale, guiding principles, scope and major initiatives over the next four years. The strategy introduces new elements to the programs and processes already in place and profiles the culture-building role of school leaders.

Director General’s Classroom First Strategy

This strategy reflects our beliefs in and commitment to high quality public education. It provides a framework for the decisions we make so schools will earn the respect of the community for the quality of education they provide.

Classroom First in action: Director General statements

Classroom First is supported by a range of statements outlining the Director General’s position in relation to key education priorities and reforms.