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Other plans

Our plans and targets in key areas such as disability access and inclusion, and equity and diversity management.


Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework

The Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework supports our work to improve outcomes for Aboriginal students.

It sets expected standards for all staff when working with Aboriginal students, their parents and families, and communities. The framework supports staff to reflect on their behaviours, attitudes and practices with a view to progressing from cultural awareness to cultural responsiveness so we can maximise learning outcomes for Aboriginal students.

Our Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework (download) – the first in Australia – is an exciting development for our system and one that will help us put into action the steps we need to take for our schools to become culturally responsive.

  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

    This Plan is the framework within which the Department will work towards providing safe and welcoming learning environments. It identifies the positive strategies the Department is adopting to ensure people with disability are accorded respect, are listened to and have choices about how their needs are met.