Resources for Year 8 students

Resources for Year 8 students

Resources are available across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.



  • Statistics and Probability -Sampling data

    Read the information about sampling data and answer the questions.

  • Statistics and Probability -Variability in samples

    Read the information about the variability in samples and answer the questions.

  • Storytelling

    Oral histories, myths, legends, folk tales, fairy tales, Aussie yarns and interactive digital stories. Storytelling traditions stretch throughout time.

  • Surface area and volume of cylinders

    A problem involving surface are and capacity of drink cans

  • The bang behind fireworks!

    Ever wondered how fireworks are created? In this clip, pyrotechnics expert John Conkling describes the chemical and physical components of fireworks, and demonstrates many coloured explosions in a laboratory. Discover that a fireworks display is a chemical reaction between an oxidiser such as potassium nitrate and a fuel such as sulphur, with a chemical colourant that emits coloured light when heated.

  • Tug harder

    A game involving addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers

  • Unscrambling a secret message

    Unscramble a hidden message by figuring out missing letters in common words. This activity uses a a substitution cipher, and students can create their own hidden messages.

  • What is compound interest?

    Understand how compound interest works and why saving now can help you later

  • What is opportunity cost?

    What is the true cost of buying something? Gen Fricker explains that it's more than just money. Learn about opportunity cost - what it is, why it's a helpful tool and when to use it. Simple! Then test yourself with ASIC MoneySmart's "Things to think about" classroom exercises.

  • What is opportunity cost?

    Learn about the true cost of buying something, or opportunity cost, and how it is a helpful financial tool

  • Why borrowing can cost you more

    Learn how interest rates and fees affect the money you borrow and why they may be more expensive in the long run

  • Why investing can be risky

    Understand some of the risks involved with different types of investments

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Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

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