Resources for Year 6 students

Resources for Year 6 students

Resources are available across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.



  • Systems Are GO! - Reproductive system

    All Systems Are GO! consists of three modules and a Teacher overview.

  • Systems Are GO! - Setting the scene

    All Systems Are GO! consists of three modules and a Teacher overview.

  • The forced migration of children to postwar Australia

    Following World War II, thousands of children were sent from Britain to Australia. Most of the children were orphans or unable to be cared for by their parents. In this clip, Hildi describes being taken from her grandmother’s home and secretly put on board a ship to Australia. Frankie Lewis describes the sense of isolation and anonymity wrought by not having a birth certificate.

  • The Present

    A 4-minute animated film about a boy who is given a puppy with three legs. Writing outcomes: recount, narrative, character description, informative text.

  • The Ten Pound Pom experience

    Not everyone who migrated to Australia in the 1950s and 1960s enjoyed their new home. Many immigrants found the environment strange and unwelcoming; although, children thrived in the wide-open spaces. Listen as Professor Stefan Petrow describes the experiences of British immigrants in Tasmania.

  • Threatened species - Action pack

    Learn about Western Australia’s threatened species and the need to conserve biodiversity.

  • Three Levels of Government Game

    This is an online game that asks students to demonstrate their understanding of the 3 levels of Government

  • Tug harder

    A game involving addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers

  • Twice as big?

    A problem solving task investigating the effect on 2D shapes when enlarged or reduced in size

  • Up and down staircases

    A problem solving task requiring identifying multiplicative number patterns and making generalisations

  • Voyage game

    Players make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts on a perilous journey across the globe.

  • What is constitutional recognition?

    The constitution was written more than a century ago, but Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not mentioned in it at all, despite having lived here for more than 50,000 years. What is constitutional recognition and why is it important? What are some of the perceived barriers to changing the constitution?

  • Whole numbers with all four operations

    Resource to support year 6 mathematics

  • Why Australia wanted a White Australia policy

    The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was designed to limit non-British immigration to Australia. It came to be known as the White Australia policy. In some quarters, people of non-British (and especially non-European) heritage were regarded as being inferior, greedy or unable to fit in with dominant Australian society. Many Australians wanted their country to remain a paradise for white, working men and their homemaking wives. Learn more in this fascinating clip.

  • Working for the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission

    For many people in Europe, the years following World War II were not easy. Food and employment were scarce, and the spread of communism threatened people’s way of life. Working for Tasmania’s Hydro-Electric Commission tempted some people to emigrate. The primitive conditions of worksites came as a shock to many, but Tasmanians benefitted not only from the skills and labour of migrants, but also from their rich and diverse cultures.

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Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

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