Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

We will continue to add resources across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.

Additional learning resources

Additional learning resources

  • Weigh your waste

    Do you ever think about how much waste your family puts in the bin? Why not find out! For a whole week, weigh your rubbish bags before you put them into the big household bin. Do the same with the recyclable items. What are your totals? Which total is greater? Are you surprised by that?

  • What are pixels?

    What are pixels, those tiny dots of light, made from? How are colours created and represented?

  • What are the musical features of a news theme?

    Music that introduces the news has to be not only dramatic and exciting but also neutral. It has to introduce war and disasters, as well as weddings and elections. It turns out, the music we associate with the news worldwide often originates from movies! So, what does an effective news theme often include? How would you write your own news theme?

  • What is a musical phrase?

    Sometimes we come across musical phrases that catch on like wildfire. With every repetition, these phrases take on more meaning. Listen closely for this jazz lick that has appeared in many forms throughout music history. What other popular musical phrases can you think of? What meanings do they carry, and what could you do to repurpose them?

  • What makes an effective AFL club song?

    AFL songs are among the most widely recognised and popular pieces of music in Australia, sung proudly year after year. Would it surprise you to find out they’re rarely original? Discover the early 20th-century origins of most of Australia’s football chants and the stylistic features that make them so effective in energising the crowd. How would you write your own football chant?

  • What makes the music so iconic?

    John Williams’s fanfare is so iconic that people usually recognise what they’re watching without even looking at the screen. So, what informs the music and makes it so powerful? What techniques can you apply in your own compositions?

  • Why borrowing can cost you more

    Think credit cards are basically free money? Gen Fricker will make you think again. Learn how interest rates and fees affect the money you borrow, and why they may be more expensive in the long run. Oh dear! Then test yourself with ASIC MoneySmart's "Things to think about" classroom exercises.

  • Writing a Personal Narrative: Brainstorming a Story for Kids

    This video shows you how to think of topics for your narrative writing. Are you ready to write a personal narrative? First you have to brainstorm some ideas!

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