Instrumental music

Instrumental music

Give your child the opportunity to be part of a unique instrumental music program only available in Western Australian public schools.

One of the unique and highly regarded programs for students in public schools is the instrumental music program which is run in schools through Instrumental Music School Services.

Selection into this program is based on musical aptitude testing and other criteria, and if your child is selected, this outstanding program will take your child’s love of music to the next level. They will receive free instrumental tuition and the opportunity to participate in a range of music enrichment activities.

The teaching standard is extremely high. As well as having a passion for music, instrumental teachers are qualified musicians and registered teachers. They work with more than 400 primary and secondary schools across Western Australia, teaching students from Years 3 to 12.

Classes are generally scheduled in school time. Students are taught in small groups, usually on the same instrument, and go on to join mixed instrumental groups and bands when they are considered ready by their instrumental music teachers.

Instruments generally offered in primary school include brass (trumpet, trombone and baritone), classical guitar, cello, clarinet, double bass, flute, violin and viola. Students can continue the program in secondary schools.

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