Training for school councils/boards

Training for school councils/boards

Training has been developed to strengthen public school councils/boards and enable chairs and members to effectively perform their role in supporting the directions of their schools.

Introductory workshop

The workshop is an induction for council/board chairs and principals. It helps them understand the roles and responsibilities of council/board members, how council/boards effectively contribute to the success of schools and the resources available to them. It also equips them to be able to arrange training and development for all of their council/board members that best suits their specific needs.

Any council/board chair and school principal who has not participated in ‘On the Board for Education’ training, is able to register for an introductory workshop.

The training is provided in major regional centres and the metropolitan area.

The cost of attendance for principals is paid from each school’s budget. Travel and accommodation costs for council/board chairs are paid centrally.

Council/board chairs can arrange registration through their principal. Principals can register chairs by emailing with the name of their school, the date they have registered, and the name, email and phone number of the chair. 

On-demand training

On-demand training is available for any school council or board.

A principal facilitator travels to the school (or local training venue) to provide training specific to the needs of the school council/board. The school council/board is able to select modules that are most relevant to their school.

The cost of the facilitator’s travel and accommodation expenses is paid from the school’s budget. Training may be coordinated with other schools in the same area to minimise costs.

On-demand training can be arranged by the council/board's school principal.