Teach languages

Teach languages

Teach languages and enjoy a rewarding career

As a languages teacher, you are able to share your love of languages and foreign cultures. You teach children how to speak and write in the new language, help them discover how people live in countries that use the language, and enhance their academic abilities and brain development.

Every day is different and no two classes are the same. You teach students across the entire school, so you create varied and dynamic curriculum for various ages and abilities. You also have the satisfaction of watching each student's progression as they move through the school years.

There are many opportunities throughout Western Australia with many public schools implementing new languages programs and employing specialist languages teachers.

Six key languages have been identified by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as part of the Western Australian Curriculum: Languages, including:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese.

Most schools have chosen one of these languages and employ teachers who can teach one or more of them.

When appointing a teacher to deliver a languages program, principals consider whether the teacher:
  • has studied the language at university;
  • has undertaken the Department’s Leap into Languages program;
  • has a Certificate IV in Applied Languages;
  • has lived in a country where the language is the first language;
  • speaks the language; and/or
  • has demonstrated experience working as a languages teacher in another state or country.

An increasing number of schools are introducing Aboriginal languages across the State. Usually, these languages are taught by Aboriginal people from the local community who have been trained to teach Aboriginal languages.

Languages teachers are needed in both primary and secondary schooling.

You can either become:

  • a primary school languages teacher and teach from Year 1 to Year 6; or
  • a secondary school languages teacher and teach from Year 7 to Year 12.
To be a qualified language teacher you need to have completed either:
  • a four year Bachelor of Education (primary or secondary); or
  • a minimum three year bachelor degree related to the language you intend to teach followed by a Graduate Diploma or Master of Teaching which includes language units.

If you have recently graduated or are already a teacher, find out how to apply for a teaching position in a public school. There are many opportunities available.