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Families new to Western Australia

Families new to Western Australia

If you and your family have recently arrived in Western Australia – welcome!

One of the first things you need to do after you arrive is apply to enrol your children in school. It is recommended that you wait until you are settled with a permanent address before you apply as you need to include a proof of address in your application.

In Western Australia, school begins in Kindergarten when your child turns 4 years old by 30 June in the year of enrolment. Compulsory schooling starts in Pre-primary and finishes in Year 12.

Most families choose to send their children to their local public school where they are guaranteed a place from Pre-primary to Year 12. Speak directly with your local school to find out how to apply to enrol your children. Alternatively there are non-government schools that also follow the Western Australian Curriculum.

Arriving from overseas

If you have arrived from overseas, you may need to provide additional information and pay tuition fees depending on the Visa you have. If you are planning on moving to Western Australia visit TAFE International to learn more about your enrolment options and the placement conditions that apply to you.

If your children are in the early stages of learning English, they may be able to attend a 12 month English language program at one of our Intensive English Centres located in Metropolitan schools. A 24 month program is available to students who hold a humanitarian visa. For locations and further information, read our Intensive English Centre brochure. Translated versions of the brochure are available at the bottom of this page.

Where Intensive English Centres are not available, your local school can also support your children to learn the English language so they can participate successfully in class.

If you need assistance with enrolment, identifying an Intensive English Centre or would like to know if your children are eligible, speak with your local school first or your education regional office. If you need an interpreter, please let the school know beforehand.

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