Progressing through school

Progressing through school

Your child will reach several milestones during their schooling and transition to different stages of school life.

These happen when children move:

  • from home to Kindergarten
  • from Kindergarten to full-time school in Pre-primary
  • from primary school to secondary school
  • to a different school
  • from secondary school to further study, training or employment.

These changes, while exciting, may require a level of adjustment for you, your children and your family, as your children settle into new environments, new ways of learning and new routines.

There are many ways to make these changes as smooth as possible for you and your children:

  • Talk with your children’s teachers to find out how they can help make the move easier.
  • Talk about the new routines, rules and expectations with your children.
  • Be enthusiastic and excited! Your attitude influences how your children feel and cope.
  • Talk to your children about peer pressure and behaviours that could put them at risk and what to do if they encounter these behaviours.
  • Know your children’s homework requirements and check regularly to see if they are keeping up. Teach them planning, organisation and time management skills by getting them to keep a diary – this develops self-motivation and independent learning.
  • Ensure your children are comfortable with the new school environment by attending orientation days or making an appointment with the principal to visit the school.
  • Make sure you and your children are familiar with the transport options.
  • Know your children’s strengths and weaknesses. Involve them in decisions about their education, for example subject selection in Years 11 and 12.
  • Encourage your children to eat well, get plenty of sleep and balance study with sport and enjoyable family and social activities.
  • Help them to make new friends with these tips:


If your child is starting school, we have practical ideas and resources to help you to support them. If you need more information, you can contact your school.