Resources for Year 9 students

Resources for Year 9 students

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  • What is compound interest?

    Understand how compound interest works and why saving now can help you later

  • What is opportunity cost?

    Learn about the true cost of buying something, or opportunity cost, and how it is a helpful financial tool

  • What motivates a risk-taker?

    Mathematician Lily Serna and neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem head to a skate park to conduct experiments to explain the genetic and environmental factors that might make a person a risk-taker. How does the brain develop to understand risk? What is dopamine and how does it factor in decision-making?

  • Who on Earth speaks English?

    Have you ever wondered why everybody in the world doesn't speak the same language? Or at least why we don't all share a common second language? If we did, what language would it be? Listen to why Robert McCrum says that 'Globish', a version of English, is the world's second language.

  • Why Australia wanted a White Australia policy

    The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 was designed to limit non-British immigration to Australia. It came to be known as the White Australia policy. In some quarters, people of non-British (and especially non-European) heritage were regarded as being inferior, greedy or unable to fit in with dominant Australian society. Many Australians wanted their country to remain a paradise for white, working men and their homemaking wives. Learn more in this fascinating clip.

  • Why borrowing can cost you more

    Learn how interest rates and fees affect the money you borrow and why they may be more expensive in the long run

  • Why I got into politics

    In this clip, ex-politicians explain how they got involved in politics and describe their experiences as members of parliament. They discuss the positives, such as having power to make change, and the negatives, such as being away from home a lot. They offer reasons why many Australians are disappointed with politicians.

  • Why investing can be risky

    Planning to get rich quick by investing one day? Before you jump in, let Gen Fricker explain some of the risks involved with different types of investments. Then test yourself with ASIC MoneySmart's "Things to think about" classroom exercises.

  • Why investing can be risky

    Understand some of the risks involved with different types of investments

  • Wuthering Heights: fantasy and realism

    Do you think Wuthering Heights is a fantasy novel? Or is it all too realistic in its descriptions of hardship, cruelty and human frailty? John Bowen, Professor of Literature at York University notes, 'Gothic elements ... haunt the edges of the book.' Yet they never compromise the authenticity of the story. In this clip, consider the masterful ways in which Emily Bronte has woven elements of fantasy into her classic tale. This clip is one in a series of four from the British Library.

  • Wuthering Heights: landscape

    The moorland near the West Yorkshire town of Haworth in northern England shapes the characters, settings and events in Emily Bronte's novel, Wuthering Heights. Professor John Bowen reflects on the significance of the moor and the importance of setting to Emily Bronte and her sisters, Charlotte and Anne.

  • Wuthering Heights: violence and cruelty

    Why might Emily Bronte have included numerous instances of cruelty in Wuthering Heights? Listen as John Bowen, Professor of Nineteeth-century Literature, considers the reasons behind the brutality in the novel.

  • Wuthering Heights: who is Heathcliff?

    Heathcliff is one of the main characters in Emily Bronte's classic novel, Wuthering Heights. As Professor John Bowen from the University of York notes, we know very little about this mysterious character and his apparent contradictions. Ms Bronte offers suggestions about Heathcliff's background but provides few details that help us judge the merit of his character other than his actions.

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Learning resources from across the nation

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