Events and key dates

Events and key dates

Throughout the year there are many music events which students can participate in.

If you would like to know more about how your child can participate in these events, we recommend you speak to your child’s music teacher.

Key dates and music events for 2022
Dates Term and week Description
  Term 1, weeks 1 and 2 Ongoing music classes start
14 February Term 1, week 3 Beginner music classes start
3 April Term 1, week 9 ATAR Performance Rehearsal Day
20 June Term 2, week 9 Showcase concert Opus 2022
4 - 6 August Term 3, week 3

WA Schools' Senior Concert Band Festival

6 August   WA Schools' Senior Orchestra Festival
14 August Term 3, week 4

Western Australian Schools' Jazz Festival

20 and 21 August Term 3, week 5 WA Classical Guitar Ensemble Festival
27 and 28 August Term 3, week 6 WA Public Schools' Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival
3 September Term 3, week 7 WA Public Secondary Schools' Choral Festival
8 to 10 September Term 3, week 8 WA Schools' Junior Concert Band Festival
10 and 11 September Term 3, week 8 WA Schools' Junior Orchestra Festival
24 October Term 4, week 3 Primary Band Workshops
6 November Term 4, week 4 WA Public Secondary Schools' Solo Vocal Festival
28 November Term 4, week 8 Parent Information Evenings


Festivals and concerts

The annual Opus concert features performances of outstanding instrumental and choral music from primary and secondary public school music students.

Festivals are run by professional associations and supported by the Department of Education. They provide a valuable opportunity for both primary and secondary school ensembles to perform for their peers, to receive feedback from expert adjudicators, and to hear ensembles from other schools perform.

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