Student experience

Student experience

Achievement and endeavour to define students’ experiences

Student achievement and endeavour will be at the heart of the college. Students will be encouraged to strive, to try different subjects and to extend themselves to achieve their personal best and excel in their areas of interest.

A diverse curriculum of traditional and contemporary subjects alongside a strong set of school values will provide the basis for students to become internationally-minded and able to contribute to global endeavours.

Academic enrichment and extra-curriculum activities will challenge and extend students. The College also offers selective Music and selective Visual Arts programs. Students will be given leadership opportunities and options for community service.

In Years 7 and 8, students will explore and discover new subjects, concepts and ways of learning. They will develop their personal identity and find their place in the school community.

In Years 9 and 10, students will have opportunities to follow their passions, choosing areas that align with their interests, skills and talents. They will bring together their knowledge and experience from previous years and start to consider areas of study they would like to pursue in their final years of school.

In the senior secondary years of Years 11 and 12, the focus will be on students mastering subjects and courses, whether they aspire to attend university, pursue further training or enter the workforce.

Throughout, students’ journeys and their moments of discovery, application and endeavour will be celebrated by peers, staff and the wider school community.

Challenging students with exceptional academic ability

For students with exceptional academic ability the college has been selected to host one of public education’s most highly regarded programs – the Gifted and Talented Academic Program.

High ability students will be able to apply for the program in English, mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences. A rigorous selection process will see the very best of the State’s students offered a place in the program where they will foster advanced analytical, critical and creative thinking skills.

The program will match individual learning needs and accelerate learning by extending students’ skills with advanced and in-depth study.

A key feature of the program will be extension and extra curricular activities where students can be involved in international, national and State competitions, leadership programs, community service, university extension programs and study tours.

The first intake of 32 students will start Year 7 when the school opens in 2020.