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Hello School video voice over transcript including screen annotations

Screen: Public Education logo.
Text: Hello School.

Screen: Learning begins at home

It is an exciting and important moment when your child starts school for the first time.

It is the beginning of their school journey but not the beginning of their learning journey as that began with you at home.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. 

They have been learning with you since the day they were born.

Screen: text - Kindergarten - Beginning the school journey

The wonder and excitement of learning, exploring and imagining continues at Kindergarten.

Screen: text - What happens at Kindergarten?

In a play-based program, your child experiences many types of learning activities. They learn about themselves and others, and the wider world.

Screen: text - Language and literacy

In Kindergarten your child develops language and literacy skills, including learning about sounds, letters and rhyming words.

Screen: text - Maths and numeracy

Your child also learns about numbers, shapes, counting and measuring.

Screen: text - And time to play

Making friends and being involved in physical activities provide further opportunities for learning through play.

There are regular breaks throughout the day. 

So pack healthy snacks and lunch in wrappers and containers that your child can easily open.

Screen: text - Starting Pre-primary

In Pre-primary the next year your child learns about language and literacy, maths, science, the arts, social sciences, technologies, and health and physical wellbeing.

Spending time together in the classroom at the start of each day is a great way for you to discover what your child is currently learning.

Screen: text - Supporting your child

Your support is essential.            

Read with your child every day and talk about the story… draw and write together… play number games, and sing number songs and rhymes.

Screen: text - Attend school regularly

It is vital that your child attends school every day.

This ensures they don’t miss out on important ideas and skills.

Finally, if you’re happy and enthusiastic about your child going to school, they will be too! It’s the best way to encourage a love of learning.

Screen: text -Getting ready for school

There are many things you can do to help your child be a happy and confident learner. 

Screen: text - Begin a routine for school

Read stories with them about starting school.

Make sure they eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Make sure they get plenty of sleep.

Screen: text - Go to the school orientation

Attend orientation days together and see the activities going on.

Screen: text - Go shopping for supplies

Go shopping together to buy the items your child needs - a school bag, uniform, lunch box, drink bottle and stationery items. Your child’s school lets you know what you need.

Screen: text - Label everything

Label all your child’s belongings with their name.

Screen: text - Get to know the school

Become part of the school community and get to know the teachers and other parents.

Screen: text - Talk with your child about their day.           

Talk with your child about their day

For more information, including how to enrol your child in school, visit

Screen: Department of Education logo.
Text: For more information visit