Discover the rewards of working in a remote school - Video transcript

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- [Jessica] Teaching in a remote community truly is a unique experience.

It's absolutely a privilege to be here.

My name's Jessica Albers and I'm a teacher at Yandeyarra Remote Community School.

Having grown up in the Kimberley I went to Perth for schooling, stayed on for university and then I was quite keen to give back and improve the education in those smaller schools.

- [Graham] The people who do come here need to be sure that they're coming here for the right reasons and the right reasons are the kids.

My name is Graham Boyd, Principal Yandeyarra Remote Community School.

One of the things about this place and the desert schools is our population is 100% Aboriginal kids.

We are a community school, so it's about the teachers and all of the community employees being able to work together as a team.

- [Katie] Yandeyarra is my home, I've grown up here and when I graduated year 12 I started doing training here at the school.

My name is Katie Williams, I'm an Education Assistant here at Yandeyarra Remote Community School.

I have been working at the school for almost 10 years.

It is a job to make a better future for our students.

- [Jessica] Being in a small school it's so important to work as a team and I think that other schools really respect that and see, you have worked remote, therefore you would have taught multi-age groups.

It's an opportunity to take responsibility for something.

It might be STEM.

It might be reading.

It might be literacy.

You have probably been in charge of a number of curriculum areas.

You've taught a number of curriculum areas and they are key skills that can be used in any school and are highly sought after.

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