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Department of Education Annual Report 2015-16

This report provides an insight into our operational and financial performance for the 2015-16 financial year.

It showcases our system of distinctive schools to meet the needs and aspirations of students and build stronger communities across Western Australia.

You can download a full copy of the Annual Report 2015-16 in the following formats:

You can also download individual sections of the Annual Report 2015-16 in PDF format:


Introduction (1Mb)
View the statement of compliance and an overview of this document.

Section 1 - Overview

Section 1: Overview (1Mb)
See a snapshot of the reporting year in numbers and dollars, and our scorecard.

Section 2 - Governance

Section 2: Governance (2Mb)
Learn about our key areas of responsibility, meet our Corporate Executive and get an insight into the challenges in public education and how we are addressing them.

Section 3 - Performance

Section 3: Performance (1Mb)
Understand our approach to governance across the organisation.

Section 4 - Disclosures and Legal Compliance

Section 4: Disclosures and Legal Compliance (1Mb)
Find out about the information required to be reported by Government agencies including staff management and major capital projects.

Section 5 - KPIs

Section 5: Key Performance Indicators (1Mb)
View our measures of performance.

Section 6 - Financial Statements

Section 6: Financial Statements (1.5Mb)
Find out about our financial position.

Section 7 - Appendices

Section 7: Appendices (1Mb)
Find detailed statistics and supplementary information.



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Annual Reports

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