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Independent Public Schools

Independent Public Schools – 2016 - 2017 initiatives

The award winning Independent Public Schools initiative has revolutionised the way public schools operate in Western Australia. This year, more than 70 per cent of our teachers and students are in schools that are maximising the opportunities provided by Independent Public School status to meet the distinctive needs of their students and school communities.

This year, there is an opportunity for up to 50 schools to become Independent Public Schools for 2017.

The prospectus includes details of the four stages of information, development, selection and transition for school communities that wish to take advantage of this opportunity. It also includes available support, and obligations and accountability of Independent Public Schools.

Independent Public Schools, and the communities they serve, gain a powerful combination of local autonomy and central support to deliver high quality, tailored and distinctive education experiences.

Students attending Independent Public Schools benefit from a curriculum and staffing structure that reflects their needs and can be changed in line with each local community’s evolution.

The decision to apply for Independent Public School status does not sit with the school principal or council alone; it is the role of the entire school community to be a part of the consultation process and collectively agree that being an Independent Public School will enable them to provide an even better education for their students.

Members of the broader school community can support their school’s application by participating in meetings and surveys that are designed to assess community support.

This year two new Independent Public Schools initiatives have been announced:

School Board Development Program
A program to strengthen the influence and effectiveness of public school boards.

Leading for Impact   
This new advanced leadership program has been designed specifically for all principals of Independent Public Schools. Principals will benefit from new developments in leadership and how they can implement these improvements in their schools particularly those that make a difference in classrooms.

This program draws heavily on independent research commissioned in 2015 (School Autonomy: Building the Conditions for Student Success) which identifies the kind of leadership that links greater school autonomy with improvements in teaching and, ultimately, benefits for students.

Video of presentations made during the 2016 Metropolitan and Regional Briefing Days are available below:


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